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Why is ITF coordinator swimming the English channel?

Why is ITF coordinator swimming the English channel?

ITF Australia cooordinator Dean Summers will be swimming the English channel later this month to raise money for charity Hunterlink which supports the mental wellbeing of seafarers and their families. Here's his latest update on the final days of training and how he's feeling about the event...

7 August

So our team is now poised at 5 days before travelling to the UK to prepare for the swim. We will spend a few days in London after which we take up residence at the Fox’s Crossing holiday house a few miles from Dover.

Partner Kylie and I will fly on the 12th and daughter Michelle on the 15th. Coach Vlad will meet us in Dover on the 18th the day before the window opens for my swim. Son Daniel is unfortunately unable to come along due to work priorities, he will be missed very much but will never be out of our thoughts.
My opportunity opens for a tidal and weather window form the 19th – 26th and I am the second cab off the rank. That means my pilot Andy King has one other booking for this window ahead of me and two behind but statistically I’m confident of a swim.
I am today at the top of the long long training cycle and last week topped a 50 klm swim week finally. That means 8ks on Monday, Tuesday, Friday  with 9 on Wednesday. Peter Dolnik who is training for the North Channel and I swam in very cold water for 6 hours on Sunday which gave me more than 17 Ks to reach the illusive 50. The water at Brighton la Sands in Sydney was 13 and the outside temperature was also bone chilling.
I estimate that I’ve swam 2300klms over the past two years in all kinds of conditions and weather and this along with Vlad’s encouragement fills me with confidence.
On the 19th  it’s my turn to stand on those rocky shores of Dover to try to get a glimpse of my French destination. Like only a few hundred before me I will take a quiet moment to think about this amazing stretch of water which has been a battle field for many nations and has taken so many lives.

But that day , that tide , those conditions will be mine and will be my day.

I’m am keen to be in the water , to be part of that challenge and to experience everything la Manche has in store more than simply to have it over and done with.  
Thank you to every one of the Vlad squad because everyone contributes to each channel swim in a different way. The past two years has been an inspiration and the actual swim is a small , albeit very important , part of the entire odyssey.

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