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MUNZ branch president dies at Lyttelton Port

MUNZ branch president dies at Lyttelton Port

Members of the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) are mourning today after president of their Lyttelton branch died in a port accident.

40 year old Brad Fletcher is the third person to die at Lyttelton Port in the past 12 months.

He fell to his death after the scissor-lift he was in toppled over and came to rest on top of a truck carrying a container.
Maritime Union National Secretary Joe Fleetwood said the Union would be supporting his workmates and family.

A press investigation in June revealed recent deaths and injuries at Lyttelton Port pointed to a lack of training and safety policies. Inexperienced workers worked back-to-back shifts and others were retiring early because of perceived risks.

In November, transport company owner William Frost died after being pinned between a logging truck trailer and a forklift.
The following month Warren Ritchie, 49, was killed when he was struck by a crane grab while unloading urea in the hold of a ship docked at Lyttelton.

Ten people have been killed while working in ports in the past five years, according to WorkSafe New Zealand figures.

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